Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Certificate Attestation procedure to U.A.E from trivandrum - An experience of person

HI everyone ,
I am here to talk about my knowledge on the certificate attestation treatment to UAE. I've attested my certificates from UAE embassy the other day. It cost me for attesting certificates dearly. Few who attested certificates was offered by my place as well as for the very first time Internet failed me on the facts. The facts like addresses and like is offered by the web, but other more important ones like attestation fees, methods etc where unavailable. And private organizations upon this subject is not helpful really, they are both frustrating and costly. So am letting u know the facts of my 'adventure'.


A number of the international countries like U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, oman, kuwait, U.S.A etc has managed to get clear that for a few careers that license attestation is essential. Among these working jobs are Professional lessons like M.B.B.S, anatomist etc. If you want for a nationwide federal government job you will need to attest your certificates. Many more developed private limited companies and the multinationals too insist upon certificate attestation. If u don't possess your license attested there is certainly a large opportunity for dropping a good job which you have been offered. So ensure that you attest your qualification.

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