Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Things you want to know about attestation - Trivandrum

Since many of my friends are going in foreign countries for employment/resident permit, i believed it will be very useful if I describe the way to get your marriage qualification or birth certificate attested. you can get legalized your marriage/birth certificate only when it is been given either by the municipality, panchayath or corporation or any type of other govt. officials. Certificates released by religious organizations are unable to be attested.

There are many businesses that will do this for you if you have money to pay for. In my case i contacted some agents and so they were requesting about Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 4500/- per record and i found this is absolutely big amount in addition to wait the same duration if you do it by yourself (only adv. is that you can avoid traveling)

Today to do this you ( or else you can send someone with an authorization letter a person please remember to sign it) have to travel to the Residence Attestation Department in The Secretariat at Thiruvananthapuram (you actually can ask the law enforcement men in front of the gate and they will guide you) with the Original, three replications of both sides of the original and Rs. 10/- Court Fee seal of approval (Rs. 10/- in 2009) for each and every document you want to get legalized (buy the stamp in progress as it is very hard get one nearby). You should be there between 15. 30 am and one particular. 00 pm

At the department you have to tell the person you want to get your documents attested. Ensure that you tell them ATTESTATION WITH VERIFICATION (other wise they will just attest with a close up that there is no validity for the content of the certificate).

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